Forestry Backpack Application

Providing crews for

Site preparation, foliar release, herbaceous weed control, liquid spot application, injection/TSI, T-Boom band spraying, hardwood release, specialized invasive species treatment.

Herbicide treatment helps a young loblolly pine seedling
These seedlings, planted in a pasture, got off to an excellent start because of herbicide treatment soon after planting

SFS provides the following with every crew we put in the field

Herbicide treatment of young loblolly pine seedlings
Treating a new pine plantation

Invasive Species Treatment

Invasive species such as Kudzu and Cogongrass are becoming more and more of a problem. Call Superior Forestry Service to help you deal with your invasive species problem.

Spraying Cogongrass, an invasive species
Treating Cogongrass along a roadside.

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