Right of Way Vegetation Management

Specializing in low-volume application

Transmission lines, distribution lines, and pipe lines. Low volume application has economic as well as environmental benefits.

Benefits of low-volume application:

  • With low-volume foliar, only the targeted species (like hardwoods and pine) are treated. Plants that benefit wildlife, like forbs, increase in coverage due to decreased competition from the target species.
  • Low-volume foliar decreases application cost because the mix is applied only to the target species.
Low-volume application in a a utility right of way
A Superior Forestry Crew at work on a utility right of way.

Standard Herbicide Application Operational Procedures

SFS provides the following with every crew we put in the field:

  • Licensed Managers and Crew Supervisors
  • Periodic classroom training, including state industry approved seminars
  • Training videos and study guides outlining safe handling of pesticides and proper application techniques
  • The practice of strict safety standards
  • Standard safety gear to all employees including: hard hats, eye protection, nitrile gloves , proper work shoes and a daily change of coveralls
  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, eye wash bottles, clean drinking and wash water
  • Enclosed cargo trailers for storage of all application equipment, mix tank and daily chemical needs
  • Additional water tank for clean water needs
Superior Forestry Service enclosed cargo trailer
All crews are provided with enclosed cargo trailers.

Equipment Provided

  • Low Volume Foliar: Solo or SP1 Backpack Sprayers equipped with a model 30 jet gun and a dual tip swivel nozzle. Flat fan and an adjustable cone tip are standard
  • Low Volume Basal: Solo or SP1 Backpack Sprayers equipped with a model 30 jet gun with an eighteen inch extension and adjustable cone tip and a 5 PSI 50 mesh check valve
  • Injection (Hack and Squirt): Hatchets and squirt bottles. Continuous frill 1 ml. per cut
Low volume crew at work
Teamwork ensures excellent coverage of the Right of Way.

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