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Containerized seedlings are prefered in many applications

Planting containerized seedlings.

Spraying pine seedlings

Spraying pine seedlings in a field.

Superior Forestry Service ROW maintenance crew

Right of way maintenance.

Planting Loblolly Pines

Tree planting in the Southern U.S.

Invasive plants can cause many problems

Treating Cogongrass, an invasive plant.

Superior crews can us hoedads if required

Hoedad planting.

Enclosed equipment trailer

Our right of way crews have enclosed equipment trailers.

Spraying low volume in a utility right of way

Right of way maintenance.

Loading containerized seedlings

Loading containerized seedlings.

Young loblolly pine treated with herbicide

Herbicide application got this seeding off to a good start.

Hack and squirt for effective control

Hack and squirt in a utility ROW.

Tree planting

A tree planting crew at work.

Herbicide application in a young Loblolly Pine plantation

Spraying a new pine plantation.

At work in a utility ROW

Right of way maintenance.

Something different, planting Eucalyptus

Loading Eucalyptus seedlings.

Andy's stuck in the mud

Another day at the office.

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